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I just had a set of general phrases this time. I’ve broken them into paragraphs. Let me know if it means anything to anyone.


He’s going to Mississippi, but doesn’t know why.

They came again last week looking for that damned box. I don’t know what they think they’ll find, no one knows where it is. They hid it by the Shelly curve last summer, but can’t remember where it was.

Yes, he killed her. Now, she haunts that mountain. He said he’d pay for it. I guess now he’s haunting it, too.

Do you remember the battle? I think they believed it was over. That’s why they came back. They wanted to see it for themselves. Do you remember the last time? Cecelia did. Didn’t do her any good.

I couldn’t have saw him there. He died last May. You remember? We went to the funeral. It rained. But, there was this beautiful rainbow and we assumed he was resting in peace. I can’t believe you forgot

How on earth did you get here so quick? Wait a minute… you don’t look so well. Say, are you okay? I wouldn’t ask, but really you look ill.


04-23-10: Part One

Woke up with you yesterday, woke up dead today. When dreams go wrong.

When marshmallows attack.

The gun came from the hardware store. They said he did it out of kindness, but who’s kind anymore?

Charlie couldn’t be there today. He died yesterday. Frank was disappointed he couldn’t make it.

Who said you weren’t going to be there? I’m afraid there’s no way to know. Her theory is correct. The dreams came again. Those nightly terrors are unreal. He brings sunshine and leaves rain. She couldn’t look in the mirror after that. It was too painful. Why didn’t she make it this time?

I think they’re something wrong with Ethel. I can’t see why you talk to her. I don’t talk at all.

You think the night is dim, but you haven’t seen darkness yet. The evil by your side is not an easy bet. The taint upon your shoulders.

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