Folklore South of the Border:

Mexico is filled with fascinating mythology that stems far beyond the Aztecs. Unfortunately, with so much emphasis on the Aztec civilization, the old lore is long forgotten by much of the world, now only found in historic texts.

One such legend is that of Ciupipiltin. The Ciupipiltin is akin to the vampire. She is always the vengeful spirit of a mother who died during childbirth, most often during the birth of her first child. She is often portrayed as wailing and weeping for the child she is separated from.

She returns jealous of those who survive the ordeal and prone to whisk away infants during the night. Some accounts state the Ciupipiltin is vengeful of all the living and wants to bring as much harm, if not death, to all she can.

History tells us that many were so terrified of this entity they would seal every crack in their home with mud to ensure she couldn’t slip in.


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