“Wither” Now Out!

Phillip Moore is the world’s most successful skeptic. He’s made it a personal mission to debunk the paranormal world and it has paid of handsomely. With millions of books sold and a global following, he has had his choice of locations to expose during his career. Now, at the height of his success, he finally turns his professional eye to the legendary Hangar 408. The old site turns out to be the encounter that gives Moore the proof he seeks.

Hangar 408 of the Nelson Airfield is legendary in the paranormal world. It has been studied, evaluated and investigated by the most respected paranormal investigators in the nation. Phillip knows it’s a farce. He is eager to expose the falsehoods and put an end to the fear-mongering.

The investigation is scheduled to last 2 days and Phillip knows his time is nearly out. The demolition team will destroy the hangar by the end of the week. He quickly gathers his team and sets out to reveal the truth behind the lore. Phillip learns within hours that not all lore is fictitious and not all hauntings are fraudulent.


Now available at Smashwords. The title will soon be on Amazon Kindle and Nook!


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I am a published fiction author and non-fiction writer. More on my writing can be found at: http://laurawrites.net. My obscure history and folklore website is http://appalachiangothic.com, and my Appalachian history and folklore website is http://vacreeper.com. View all posts by admin

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