Back Eventually

Hi, all! Sorry, it’s been so long.

I can finally post, but only briefly. In the past two weeks, we’ve encountered a severe sinus infection, my husband had heart surgery and my son was at the hospital last night with a stomach infection.

Sorry for the extended absence, back asap.


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2 responses to “Back Eventually

  • researcherone

    Sorry to hear about that. My mother had skin cancer removed from her face last week, so I can understand. Family takes precedent, so no need to explain. Take care and talk soon.

    P.S. I hope all are well otherwise at your home.


    • Loverly Lorror


      We made it. I think everyone is fine, now. Hopefully, things will settle back into place before too long. I was able to work on some books during this time, so I’ll start announcing them before long. Thanks!

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