Welcome to the Lorror blog. In short, that’s horror, which is most of what I write, and Laura, which is my name. This blog is currently headquartered in the Southern Appalachian foothills. I am an avid collector of strange and unusual information, data, facts and figures, and often post of this briefly on such networks as Twitter and Facebook. I would like to create posts offering a little more information on such topics. True, I have Virginia Creeper.com, and have seriously considered adding this information there, as well. So, without further ado, welcome to the blog.

Original About:

Automatic writing, also known as psychic writing, is an established practice that has held various meanings throughout history. When ever possible, I will provide external links to related information on this form of writing.

Are these writings conveying messages from another realm of our world? That is the defining question. Much of these writings I do not understand and will not attempt to create logic from them. However, this is a practice I have worked with for several decades and, perhaps, somewhere, it is meant for someone else.

Regardless of the reason, I think this could be a wonderful venue for these odds-and-ends from wherever they stem.


Your Thoughts?

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