Author Biography

I am a fiction and non-fiction writer by profession so it is no stretch that I like to dabble in other forms of writing. I have been practicing automatic writing for nearly 20 years as a form of drawing on creativity and ascertaining new ideas. Recently, I have considered that perhaps this is something more. Maybe there is something to this seemingly random data that someone else needs to see or can find meaning within. As mentioned elsewhere in this site, automatic writing, or psychic writing, is an age-0ld practice that has held continued interest through the centuries.

As for me, personally, I am a published author and web administrator. My books are:

  • While I’m Dying (2001)
  • Timeslips & Terrors (2005)
  • Virginia Creeper (2007)

The latter two are available through most online bookstores. My web sites are:

The first two are information/research sites while the third is a place for free, original fiction.


Your Thoughts?

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