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Strange and Macabre Facts about the Titanic

We’ve all heard the history of the sinking of the Titanic. We’ve heard of the pomp and pagentry involved in the luxurious vessel as well as the tremendous loss of life. What we seldom hear is the events leading up to it.

I’ll paste a link below where you can visit the source I stumbled across.

  • The White Star Line had no naming ceremony for the ship. Sailors regarded this as a terrible portent.
  • The ship nearly wrecked as soon as it left the construction dock. Another maritime bad omen.
  • Mechanics in the boiler room, before the ship’s final voyage, noticed a number of rats running together. They recalled later that the rats were running away from the area of the ship that would collide with the iceberg.
  • Helen E. Bell was going to sail on the Titanic… until she read an article which prompted a vision. She saw a sunken ship and heard, “this will be on its first voyage.”

These are just a few brief examples of the staggering numbers of omens, portents and strange stories surrounding this ship. More can be found here.



Arcane Miscellany

Here are some tidbits of text from the oldest books available on the macabre and bizarre.

Aldabert- A pseydo-mystic of 8th Century France.
Colloquy of the Ancients- A collectino of Ossianic legends.
Hazel Tree- This tree was dedicated to Thor and was known to cure fevers.
Robin Goodfellow- English domesticated fairy. A nocturnal creature most often benign, although many suppose he leads men astray at night.
Kosh- A wicked fiend of the forest in the Congo area.
Kyphl- An Egyptian aromatic believed to heal, created from 16 different materials.
Spiegelschrift- In automatic writing, this is writing backwards and should be read by reading in a mirror.

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