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The Black Gash Now Out!

The paranormal thriller The Black Gash is now available at Smashwords and soon to be available at Amazon and B&N. Here’s the synopsis and the link:

Ash volunteered for the courthouse reorganization to gain a few credits for college, he’s an ambitious future attorney who anticipates a fascinating season of studying courtroom proceedings and practices. What he’s given is several months of manual labor inside a cramped, humid storage room that’s far from the air conditioned courtroom and the bench.

He stumbles across the records of an old trial where Annabelle Lynch was hanged for a massacre. He can’t believe the girl in the portrait was capable of such brutality. Intrigued, he begins to delve through her records in an effort to see what really happened. They called her a witch. They hated her and he’s confident their animosity was primitive and unfounded.

He soon discovers those old sentiments were based on something very real and very evil.

Check it out here: Smashwords.


“The Moon Sees Me” now in print!


I wanted to create a special entry for this. I finally got the print edition of The Moon Sees Me! I am excited about it.

Here is the synopsis:

She remembers what happened, but the doctor said her mind couldn’t be trusted.

Clarissa Tyler came from a good home with loving parents and a wide circle of friends. She, and her fiancé Nick, prepared for college graduation and dreamed of a successful life together.

Until the accident happened. Until Nick died and that sheltered world collapsed.

She wakes in a remote and unfamiliar hospital after two months in a physician-induced fugue state. She is surrounded by an eccentric staff that won’t provide any details about the accident.

She believes there was no wreck, even if her doctor dismisses her. She must adapt to the bizarre practices within the hospital, and the repercussions of her absence in her life, to piece together what really happened. The quest takes her far beyond simply reclaiming hidden memories and deep into a deadly conspiracy.

The link to the publisher is: https://www.createspace.com/3596402

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